TATU-DERM provides a sterile, BACTERIAL-FREE BARRIER eliminating contamination in and out of the tattoo.

TATU-DERM is waterproof, so the tattoo will not get wet while swimming or showering. TATU-DERM represents the next generation of tattoo aftercare.


TATU-DERM is used by professional Tattoo Artists worldwide. Tattoo Artists also use TATU-STENCIL-PREP! If you're a Tattoo Artist, we want you to try TATU-STENCIL-PREP for free!

Tattoo AfterCare: Tatu-Derm®

Tattoo Aftercare product: Tatu-Derm

TATU-DERM®: Our ground-breaking product is a 6” wide roll, 5 yards long that covers about twenty - 9” tattoos. As a tattoo aftercare system it is breathable, waterproof, flexible, a bacterial barrier, latex-free and transparent.  Protect your new tattoo and keep it free from infection with TATU-DERM.  Order TATU-DERM Online!

Tattoo Prep: Tatu-Stencil-Prep®

Tattoo Prep: Tatu-Prep

TATU-STENCIL-PREP®: A creative and inventive solution to a persistent problem. Apply Tatu-Stencil-Prep to the area and add your stencil. Tatu-Stencil-Prep goes to work and actually helps the skin accept the dye of the stencil and holds it longer! Magic? Nope, just some badass science.  If you're a Tattoo Artist: Grab a FREE SAMPLE HERE! You can also order it online!

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Even with several passes of color and intricate line work each piece heals perfectly with Tatu-derm. I won't give a tattoo or get a tattoo without it.

by: Anonymous


I have several tattoos and the healing process is what is most important. Tatu-derm takes all the work and worry out of taking care of your tattoo while it heals. I used it on my last tattoo and kept it on for four full days. It was a little difficult getting it off because of the location (back) but I was amazed at how in four short days my tattoo was almost completely healed. I just ordered some for myself and will never have a tattoo done without using it in the end. Best investment of the tattoo process!!!!

by: Jeanine Rizzo


Having been getting tattoos for 20+ years, I've had a lot done the "old school" way. Tatu-derm cuts the healing time by a couple weeks and sure beats smearing goo every hour or so!

by: William Gambill


Tatu-derm works extremely well for healing those heavily layered tattoos. I feel I am able to go farther with each tattoo, giving a more finished look with fewer sessions and less trauma to the skin.

by: Ted Hawkins


Thank you Donna for getting back to me. I had actually gone to your website to find out about becoming a distributor/sales and marketing person for your product. I have recently been introduced to Tatu-Derm and absolutely think it is the best product for new tattoos. I live in the pacific northwest and it doesn't seem that the product has made its way over here much. I would love to be able to show the artist here the great properties that Tatu-Derm has to offer. Please let me know how I may go about doing this.

by: Dawn Plante


I just wanted to let you know that we love your product. We demoed it during the seminar while talking about advanced aftercare and the attending artists were very impressed. A friend of mine and manager of a well know piercing shop used it on his freshly tattooed head and was blown away with how well it worked. Word spread throughout the weekend and we quickly ran out of samples. I just thought you would like to hear about the success of your product at the Oregon Ink Tattoo Convention. I hope we were able to bring you some business and I'm sure we will be placing another order with you soon.

by: Collin, Toth Art Collective, Bend, O.R.


Thank you for the fast response. I heard about Tatu-derm from my friend Scott and my artist Kelly Gormley. Both spoke highly favorably of your product.

by: Michael Temple, Albuquerque, N.M.

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